House Lelang

Big house in good location and two lakes access

If you prefer a big house with boathouse at the shore and near to service in Bengtsfors village together with privacy this is rigth for you. From this place you can easy access two lakes passing a short channel between Lelång and Ärtingen lakes. This ”package” includes fishing license in two different lakes. Lelång as a ”deep and cold” lake and Ärtingen as the opposite – ”shallow and warmer”.

This house are about 200 meters from lake and the boathouse where you keep the boat in your stay. In boathouse you can also keep some equipment from one day to next! Lake Lelång offers pikefishing and perchfishing. Spinnfishing and trolling. Biggest pikes are often caught by trolling in ”open areas” with big wobblers. In this lake you can also catch wildtrouts and salmons but that fishing ”needs patience” and best method is trolling with small wobblers. If you book a trip to Lelång in beginning or middle of may you have the best chanses for salmonfishing.

One of the best benefits here is that if the water should be ”to cold OR to warm” in one of the lakes – you can easy drive to the other lake instead and very often get ”new conditions”!

Lake Lelång
One of the 3 biggest lakes in area with 5299 Ha (hectare) in size. Typical for Lelång are the steep rocks along the east side and the shallow bays along west side. Deepest place in lake is 60 meters. It is also a typical lake with ”wilderness look” and a lot of forests along the lake. Village Bengtsfors are located in south end of lake. The water is clear and in good quality. You can drink the water direct from this lake and in most of other lakes in Dalsland! Spinnfishing and trolling are the ”main” methods in lake Lelång.

Lake Ärtingen
The ”neighbour-lake” and a smaller lake. You reach it from a 100 meters channel. The maps shows moore for you. Lake Ärtingen offers many nice bays for pike and some good spots for perch as well. The water is often warmer here in springtime and early summer than Lelång. Ärtingen can give you surprices and you must visit this lake at least two days in a week stay!

The bottom-floor is a BIG apartment with a very big kitchen. It is many sitting-places connected to bottom-floor and kitchen. In kitchen: Stove, coffemaker, microwave and all equipment for a self-catering stay. In other part of bottom-apartment it is place with TV, fire-place, sofa and chairs for relaxing after fishing. Toilette with shower just inside entry.
Top-floor: 3 separate bed-rooms. Two rooms with two singelbeds in each room and one room with one singelbed. Totally 5 beds. Attention: To reach one bedroom you have to pass another bedroom. There is also a hall between the rooms at top-floor. From the hall you can go outside at the balcony and get a nice lakewiev over the lake Lelång. Here is possible to sit in a chair and take a look at the wonderful sunset over the lake.

The ”main boat” here is a plastic boat 4,5 m. with a outboard engine 4-5 hp 4-stroke. Rodholders, anchor with line, oars and a bucket. The boathouse gives you possibilities to store boat and equipment dry if rainy weather. Options: portable ecolod/fishfinder, electric engine. Boat with steering consol and new 15 hp 4-stroke Yamaha can also be booked. Guiding half or full day (7-8 hours) can be booked on lake Lelång or on other waters including lake Vänern. Moore info about guiding here!

Moore and specific fishing information… …will you get after confirmed booking. Many GPS-positions (over 20!) ”Hot spots” for trolling and spinnfishing for pikes, perch and salmon! Lake-maps. After many years fishing in the lakes and as a professional ”full time” fishing guide I can provide you with necessary information that can ”be the difference” for making your fishing holiday!