Small House Ärtingen

If you are only two persons this house is perfect!

On west side of lake Ärtingen this house have a excellent location near shallow bays and easy access to one moore lake thru a small channel if you want…! Between house and ”your own” jetty you have a short walk on 80 meters…!

House & Location

Total area of 35 m2 incl. one fully eqipped kitchenette with microwave, stove, refrigerator, coffemaker, warm and cold water, small eating place together with one sofa. Sleepingplaces upstairs. (See pics) Shower and toilette. Veranda/terass outside. House is located 80 meters from lake and boatplace and 10 minuters to drive from Bengtsfors village.

The boat is houseowners boat. 4 meter plastic boat with a good petrol-engine 2 stroke 10 hp. Oars and anchor with line. The houseowners are living only 100 meters from house!

Lake Ärtingen
For the area it is a ”middle-sized” lake and offers a mixed fishing if you prefer. Pike and perch are ”main fishes” and in some areas there is a lot of whitefish. The best shallow bays are only short distance from house but you will find good bays for spinnfishing in whole lake. Perchfishing can be very good in some spots. Good season from may to october.

Moore information…
… will be given to you after confirmed booking. Gps-spots for underwater islands, trolling and moore for both pike and perch fishing.