Boat Rental & Equipment

All boats and equipment we are using are stable and reliable products. Our standard-boats have outboard motors between 4-8 hp and all other equipment are from wellknown brands from leading manufactures in sportfishing.

Boat – ”Standard”
One boat are always included in  ”houseprice” and very often the ”houseowners boat”. When you need more than one boat we can deliver  extraboats directly at the house. All boats have motors 4-8 hp, anchor with line, buckets, adjustable rodholders for fishing and holders for transportation.

Boat – ”Steering consol”
This boat have a bigger engine 15 hp Yamaha 4-stroke and on this you can rent downrigger also. Options on all boats: electric engine and fishfinders. Note: All damages on boats/propellers must be payed on spot from user.

Ecolod / Fishfinders
You can rent our Lowrance fishfinders mounted on a box with 12 v. mc-battery and battery loader. Tip: When you load the battery in the house over the night you have enough power for a whole day fishing next day!